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Comments from some of the attendees...
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"Great! Got a lot of good ideas of things to try for the next year."
Betty Jordan
J. Weston Walch

“A great and worthwhile opportunity to meet and network with other Global users, Global staff and related (3rd party) product representatives. Provides a forum for future product development and sharing of ideas and concerns.”
Ed Santiago
Moody Bible Institute

“As my first Global User Group meeting, I was very pleased with the ability to meet with other users, discuss their and our issues, and see where they and Global are heading.”
Grady Haynes
Practitioners Publishing Company

“This is great to share information between users and learn what’s new in the future.”
Ling Mao
Duke University Press

“Good experience, good information. Worth the time and the money.”
Nan Smith
Practitioners Publishing Company

“The staff, vendors and people were great…”
Brian Katz
Bureau of National Affairs

“Helpful. I came to the table with product-ecommerce/security concerns in mind; interesting [to hear] the customer experience with the business system.”
David Greer
Bureau of National Affairs

“Friendly and open atmosphere between Global and the users’ group.”
Deborah Houser
Duke University Press