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Communication Center
Customers Trust Global Support
“My thanks and compliments for saving our skins (again!), sorry to have had to call on your services, but that is why I am happy that CCH has a maintenance and support contract with Global, that relationship and agreement has again proved its worth."
Kevin McDonnel
Manager Commercial Development Systems
CCH Australia

The Global Communications Center personnel are first-line support to all of our clients. Support extends from procedural questions to analysis of software or data anomalies to customization requests.    All of our Analysts and Programmers are available as support resources as needed for problem analysis and correction or for customization requests. 
Our Database, System and Network Administrators are available as support resources as needed.

Once a problem or question is reported to the Communications Center, it is logged into our call tracking system and a problem number will be assigned. If the question or problem cannot be resolved immediately the call will be routed to a qualified technician who will then work with the Communications Center. The call tracking system allows Global to analyze the types and quantities of calls your personnel is making to determine possible recurring problems or areas of required training.