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About Us
Customer Enjoys Successful Implementation
“The project management provided by GTS for our upgrade was invaluable and complemented our own team perfectly."
Douglas Taylor

Our Implementation Methodology is a structured and comprehensive approach designed to enable a timely and successful implementation of UNISON. As each publisher’s requirements differ, the plan is also flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of each implementation. 

Our Account Managers have a history of successful UNISON implementations.

By applying their knowledge and experience to the specific complexities of implementing publishing solutions, they provide you with an efficiently and effectively managed implementation. 

Our Business Analysts will match your business practices with UNISON functionality, or design software modifications to meet your requirements. Their extensive publishing and UNISON experience makes our Analysts highly qualified to recommend and assist in implementing changes to existing business processes. They are a valuable source of information to help you make important decisions.

Along with the rest of our team of Programmers, Quality Assurers, System Integration Specialists, and Database, System and Network Administrators, Global will guide you through the implementation process. A successful implementation will not only result in a well-functioning UNISON system, but also with streamlined business processes and a well-educated, self-sufficient user community.