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Customers Call in Global Development
Although Global sells a complete software solution, we recognize the need of clients to request software customizations. Customization requirements may have been identified during the implementation process. Post-implementation customizations may be identified due to changes in business processes. Global Analysts and Programmers will ensure that software customizations are designed to best fit your requirements and function according to design.

A Global Business Analyst will determine the business needs and translate them into a Business Requirement document. This will detail the software customization necessary to meet the business requirements.
A Global programmer/analyst will produce a programming specification document defining the software requirements as they were outlined in the approved business specification.

A team of Global programmers will translate the approved business/programming specification into a series of programs as defined.
A Global business analyst will review the completed customizations to assure that they conform to the specifications as were outlined and test to ensure that all programming design paths are accurate and error free. The approved software will be delivered for user testing.