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About Us
UNISON's Technology
UNISON is designed using the latest technology. It's a true Windows program that takes advantage of modern advances in speed, reliability and flexibility.  Tell me more

At Global, our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective solution that will extend the lifecycle of both your hardware and software investment and help maximize your ROI. 

  • The system uses Unify Corporationís Vision product. Vision is an Object Oriented Programming tool, which allows programmers to make custom modules very quickly and easily, which results in reduced costs.  Tell me more 
  • Using Unisonís Vision tool, we can make a change once, which can automatically change the way all programs behave, without the need to modify dozens of individual programs. Smarter modification methodology means lower cost to you. 
  • UNISON can take advantage of the full power of Microsoft Windows in a standard way. Therefore, with UNISON, less training for users is needed.
  •  With the UNISON system, your business will have the needed functionality to grow and change with marketplace demands. However, does growth mean the server you purchased a few years ago is now relegated to some other minor back office function? Not with the UNISON solution, because of its n-tiered network infrastructure. This architecture saves you money, since as you grow you can add additional servers instead of replacing current machines with larger ones.
  • In addition, with our n-tiered network, even if a server fails, UNISON can keep running. Itís the end of expensive unscheduled downtime.
  • UNISON conforms to open system standards. You are not tied to a particular operating system or database.  UNISON runs on Windows servers.  Database options are Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. 
  • The system can also run on Macs, so your production and editorial staff can have access to product and sales information.
  • Remote workers can easily access the system for all functions. This access is as quick and seamless as if they were working onsite.
  • UNISON is Internet-savvy. You can install the UNISON client software on your PC, or you can skip that step and just run it over the web. 
  • UNISON has strong eCommerce support using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Orders placed via the web follow the same business logic resident within UNISON. Customers can place orders, track shipping information and even pay open items from their statement right from your web site. This relieves customer service from fielding these types of inquiries.   Tell me more
  • The UNISON System is a highly scalable solution. The system can support a very wide range of users. Our customers have from fifteen to hundreds of users running the UNISON application.
  • The technical staff requirements needed to support UNISON are flexible. While some of our clients run the system with very little in-house tech support, other clients have their IT staff handle modifications and programming. We have flexible support contracts to accommodate whichever model fits your business.