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Benefits of UNISON Royalty Management
Product details

Whether it is calculating royalties based on gross sales, net sales or on paid accounts receivable, UNISON provides the flexibility to handle your needs. Payment frequency is based on your rules along with the decision to combine or not combine select or all titles on a statement. Automatic funneling of sales to the correct royalty category is also a user-defined option and can be as simple as “regular” sales to “high discount” (remainder) sales or a breakout by other criteria – US, Canada or Foreign or country by country. Since this is a fully integrated system, the new order processed today will automatically ripple throughout the system following all your pre-defined rules.  

  • User-defined minimum check amounts

  • Net all products or pay only positive balances

  • Automatic creation of 1099s and 1042s via our Accounts Payable module

  • Ability to start taking orders even before all royalty contract issues are resolved

  • Ability to have a pre-statement review process and make adjustments before generating the final statements