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About Us
About the UNISON Product

Read what our clients are saying about UNISON functionality!

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Global Turnkey Systems designs software solutions specifically tailored to meet the business needs of a publishing organization and provides superior professional services to facilitate the implementation of our solution.

Our customers have a strategic edge over competitors because they run their business on UNISON. The UNISON functionality, flexibility and cost-effective industry-standard technology give our clients the tools they need to realize their potential. UNISON’s ease of use allows our customers to concentrate on running their business, not running their computer system.

Global makes a significant investment in on-going research and development, keeping you current with changes in the publishing field, as well as advances in technology. We work in partnership with our active user community to prioritize updates and make them available to our maintenance customers free of charge on a regular basis.

Your choice of a software and services vendor will have a dramatic effect on your company’s ability to successfully compete, grow and prosper. The software package you choose will be the new central nervous system of your business. It will have to change and adapt to evolving environments, just as your company will. 

No one understands this better than Global Turnkey Systems, a company that has created a solution for publishers, designed by publishers.

Key benefits of the UNISON System

• Sophisticated technology using industry standard open systems interfaces
• Easy to navigate with familiar point and click
• Context sensitive and field level help
• Streamlined Order Entry with all products on one order
• Fully integrated CRM functionality
• Five-level Customer Hierarchy to drive processes and analysis
• Highly configurable product structure
• Strong reporting & analysis tools
• Comprehensive eCommerce with on-line purchasing and order tracking
• Tightly Integrated Financials - AP,GL, Purchasing, Job Cost

The Modules: