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About Us
Global is committed to delivering complete business solutions to the publishing industry. To this end, Global has formed strategic business partner relationships with several industry-leading organizations. These partners have not only been selected because they offer a "best of breed" product in their own right, but also because they can work closely with Global in order to achieve a cohesive and fully integrated system. 


The partnership with UNIFY enables Global to be the technology leader of publishing solutions. UNIFY provides the rapid development environment that enables Global to react quickly and efficiently to our customers requirements. The UNIFY tool set offers a true object oriented graphical programming environment and an applications deployment environment that supports n-tiered architecture, client-server technology and server failover. This provides our customers with a highly scaleable and extremely efficient system that will grow with their business needs. 

Global has been an Oracle partner for many years. UNISON takes full advantage Oracle's ability to scale to the largest company, as well as its advanced relational database features. Global is classified as a CAI (Complementary Applications Integration) partner due to the high level of integration between the UNISON product and the Oracle General Ledger system. This interface exceeds rigorous testing standards set forth by Oracle.

Microsoft's SQL Server has quickly become accepted as a robust relational database for worldwide enterprises, on par with Oracle, but offering a familiar Windows Server management view. Because of Global's modern open development architecture, UNISON6 can now store data using Oracle or SQL Server. It's up to the customer to decide which relational database platform matches their business best.

Mining / Reporting

Impromptu, a graphical report writing tool, has been tightly integrated with UNISON to offer a powerful, yet easy-to-use, tool for customers to create or tailor reports. Output can be in the form of paper (hard-copy) as well as HTML, Excel/Lotus123 spreadsheet file, etc. PowerPlay employs point-and-click OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) functionality to allow managers in decision-making capacity, to mine complex data with various presentation options.


Kewill provides the interface between UNISON and Clippership, an industry leading shipping manifest system. Clippership is a powerful, Windows-based application that manages your multi-carrier requirements, including e-manifesting, compliance label generation, and countless reporting capabilities. 
Clippership simplifies automation, supports flexible data integration, and performs extensive rate shopping to determine optimal shipment rates and routing.
This system is compatible / integrated with all major US carriers (UPS, FedEx, RPS, DHL, USPS, etc.) as well the UNISON system. Actual weight and freight costs, tracking numbers, etc. are fed back into the UNISON system. This information is then available on-line for multiple purposes customer service inquiries or web inquiries. 

Postal Sorts
Group 1
Group 1s data quality solutions enable businesses to ensure the integrity of customer and prospect address data and to enhance that data with valuable geographic and demographic intelligence.Group 1s direct marketing applications ensure the timely, accurate delivery of mailings, goods and services. These applications provide businesses substantial savings through reduced costs and postal discounts by complying with United States Postal Service (USPS) and Canada Post Corporation (CPC) standards governing mail preparation and sortation. 

Tax Compliance

Because of its flexible, multi-tier architecture, Vertex Sales Tax Q Series is quite simply the most advanced client/server sales and use tax data and calculation system available today. Vertex Sales Tax Returns Q Series automates the entire returns preparation process and closes the loop for you. This Windows-based system automates the entire sales and use tax returns preparation process by importing transaction data and processing the correct tax amounts onto exact replicas of state and locally-administered tax returns. The tight integration of the Vertex Sales Tax Q Series  product with UNISON provides complete and up-to-date tax application.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The TIE Commerce interface allows full EDI capability; POs, POAs and Invoices can be transmitted to trading partners such as Ingram, B&N, Amazon.com, PUBNET, XNET, Borders, and many more. ASN Integration has also been developed to support ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) for trading partners who have this requirement, such as Ingram and B&N. Several Banking interfaces have been developed to allow electronic transmittal of information to banks such as credit-card approval, lock-box transactions, statement receipts etc. Due to the custom nature of these interfaces, this is typically tailored to meet the specific requirements of an organization.