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Benefits of UNISON Order Management
Product details

The UNISON order management approach is very simple. We designed it to allow you to process orders fast while capturing key information about the customer and source of the order. In addition, each product ordered can prompt for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. All your products can be processed on one order: subscriptions, books, CDs, videos and non-inventoried products. You even have the option to direct each line item on the order to ship from a different warehouse along with a different ship-to address, delivery, or purchase order for each line item. The result fewer individual orders, easier order tracking, better customer service.  

  • Inventory is updated immediately

  • The choice of pre or post bill processing is on a customer level

  • Promotional pricing and/or discounting can be either order or line item specific

  • Automatic credit checking with pre-defined rules on how the order should be treated