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Benefits of UNISON Customer Management
Product details

Whether you are entering a prospect, an individual customer or a large organization with many different customer relationships, UNISON has it covered. There is no limit to the number of records that may exist within a customer structure.  

UNISON offers many fields to segment your customer base in order to easily drill into sales by any number of unique demographic criteria.

Scripts for your reps will walk them through the right questions to ask when they have a new customer on the phone. The result: targeted promotions, no guesswork as to a customerís profile.

There is one screen for all your customer service inquiries. Your reps can handle all order processing functions, order inquiries, payment application inquiries from one main screen that makes multi-tasking a snap and promotes a rewarding customer interaction experience.

  • User-defined customer demographics.

  • Analyze customer data easily.

  • Fast customer creation via customer type templates.

  • Strong CRM functionality