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Information Publisher, BNA, implements new Publishing Business System to lower operational costs and improve service levels and revenues 

January 2005

Global Turnkey Systems (GTS) announces that the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), located in Washington, DC, has successfully implemented GTS’s UNISON Business Software, designed for publishers and information providers.

BNA's UNISON implementation, which when fully deployed will have 400 users, is one of the largest and most complex in the industry. The initial selection process was based on a thorough due-diligence process that required a careful study of available publishing-specific solutions. During this process, BNA involved over twenty people who visited existing GTS customers, reviewed source code at GTS, interviewed employees, analyzed the UNISON technology, and conducted detailed discussions regarding GTS's development plans, support, and implementation methodology.

Sandy LaRussa-Donahue, Director of BNA’s Business Systems Group, stated, “BNA clearly saw the business case to select the UNISON system after our focused and detailed due diligence process. The driving factors in the decision were the automation of pricing and discounting, the ability of control-related charges such as taxes, and the technology on which UNISON is built. In addition, we will see large benefits from the ability to look at our customer purchasing trends from the highest level.”

Cynthia Bolbach, BNA’s Vice President and Corporate Secretary, stated, “We recognized that to achieve our ambitious corporate objectives, we would need to partner with a company who has the best software and a talented team of professionals to work with. With the many events and decisions that needed to be made on a daily basis, it was critical to the success of this large-scale project that experienced and committed professionals made up the GTS implementation team. We were very fortunate that both the BNA and GTS implementation teams shared the same work ethic and the commitment to achieve BNA’s corporate objectives for the project.”

Al Alteslane, GTS’s President stated, “BNA is one of many successful publishers realizing significant operational benefits from both our software and our talented publishing professionals. As a part of deploying UNISON, BNA has commenced the process of improving efficiency and cost savings, while increasing opportunities to better serve its clients.”

BNA is the oldest wholly employee-owned company in the United States. BNA is the foremost publisher of print and electronic news, analysis, and reference products, providing intensive coverage of legal and regulatory developments for professionals in business and government. BNA produces more than 200 news and information services, including the highly respected Daily Report for Executives and Daily Labor Report. Correspondents stationed around the nation, and the world, report on increasingly active state governments and ever more complex international developments. BNA delivers its information in a variety of formats and media, including print, CD, email and the Web. Most of BNA's products are sold on a subscription basis, although some are handled as one-time sales.

Global Turnkey Systems, Inc. (GTS) was established in 1969 and has grown to become a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and systems for the publishing industry. The GTS team is comprised of not only systems experts, but publishing experts as well. Many GTS employees come from the publishing industry and truly understand the needs of their customers. Global works exclusively with the publishing community, allowing them to devote 100% of research and development to the changing requirements in the industry. Additionally, GTS's Professional Services team assists throughout the implementation, offering superior project planning, business requirements analysis, conversion assistance, testing, training and technical support.

The UNISON system utilizes state of the art technology in an open systems environment to provide publishers an effective tool for managing a publishing enterprise in a highly competitive environment.  The integrated, modules of the UNISON system include: order processing, invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, sales analysis, royalties, mail list management, telemarketing, special promotions, subscription fulfillment and circulation management, EDI, job costing, accounts payable, purchasing, and general ledger.

For more information, please contact sales at Sales@GTSystems.com or call 800-524-2132 x604.