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Lerner Publishing Group goes live with UNISON Publishing Solution and Warehouse Management from Global Turnkey Systems

October, 2008


Lerner Publishing Group implemented the UNISON publishing solution from Global Turnkey Systems (GTS), including the Wright Business Solutions Warehouse Management module (WMS), to enhance its distribution operations. A Minneapolis-based publisher of educational books for K-12 markets, Lerner Publishing Group implemented solutions from GTS to improve fulfillment operations and customer service. LPG’s excellent reputation for quality educational products and timely service will be further strengthened by better and faster service to its distributors, libraries and direct customers.

“Lerner Publishing Group continues to pursue growth in all areas of our publishing programs,” says Adam Lerner, CEO of Lerner Publishing Group.  “The effectiveness of our distribution operations is critical to the success of our growth strategy.  GTS/WBS is the solution our top-notch customer service and distribution teams needed to take us to the next level in our distribution center.”

Commenting on the successful implementation, Margaret Wunderlich, VP & CFO of Lerner Publishing Group states, “We assimilated the system so fast that it’s easy to forget all the gains we have achieved.  There is no doubt GTS/WBS delivered at or above our expectations.”

“The learning curve was short for the Warehouse Management system,” states Ken Rued, Distribution Manager.  “We are shipping experts not computer experts, so it was important for us that the system be easy to use.  Maintaining accuracy in picking and packing used to be labor intensive and error prone,” continues Mr. Rued.  “With the WMS system shipments are more accurate and ready to go out the door in much less time.  We can spend more time fulfilling orders and less time chasing down inventory discrepancies.”

Efficiencies have been gained in other warehouse operation functions, as Mr. Rued goes on elaborate, “Shipping documents and communications with customers are an area that has seen great improvement.  Labeling, ASN and commercial invoices used to involve many manual steps and calculations.  Now they just about pop out of the system with the push of a button.”

Becky Frigge, Director of Customer Service for LPG, states, “Customer service response time is improved with UNISON and the WMS.  We have total visibility of the fulfillment lifecycle from order placement through picking, packing and shipping.  Complex orders can take several steps to assemble and complete.  We can see and manage the order at any point along the way, adjusting details and priority as needed.”

“We can track shipping information quickly to give customers real-time feedback on inquiries and claims,” continues Ms. Frigge.  “The audit trail for the whole order cycle is great for handling both customer claims and internal control – telling us who did what and when it happened.  With better workflow tools to manage any point in the process we are experiencing faster turn around times.  All this makes for better customer service and happier customers.”

The Warehouse Management module from GTS is fully integrated with the UNISON publishing solution and implemented in partnership with Wright Business Solutions (WBS).  Bryan Wright, President of WBS, comments on their partnership with GTS, “Our strengths in web development and warehouse operations, combined with the GTS strengths in order-to-cash solutions have produced some powerful synergies.”  Of working with the Lerner Publishing Group distribution center, Mr. Wright states, “The LPG team is full of dedicated and hardworking people.  It is great to see them gain so much productivity by effectively implementing our warehouse management module with the UNISON solution.”

Al Alteslane, President of GTS, states, “As an independent publisher, Lerner Publishing Group is able to make strategic decisions and implement them rapidly.  This leads to success and growth in the publishing industry.  We are privileged to support Lerner Publishing Group’s success with our solutions and services, and GTS is proud to partner with Lerner Publishing Group in its ongoing growth.”

About Lerner Publishing Group
Lerner Publishing Group, based in Minneapolis since its founding in 1959, is one of the nation's largest independently owned children's book publishers. With more than 3,500 titles in print, Lerner Publishing Group offers top-quality nonfiction and fiction books for grades K-12, including fascinating, photo-illustrated informational books; supplementary titles that support science, social studies, and language-arts curriculum; high-interest topics such as sports, vehicles, and crafts; and engaging picture books, chapter books, and intermediate and young-adult novels. Lerner Publishing Group is made up of the following imprints: Lerner Publications, Millbrook Press, Carolrhoda Books, Graphic Universe, Twenty-First Century Books, ediciones Lerner, LernerClassroom and Kar-Ben Publishing

Additional information can be found at www.lernerbooks.com

About Wright Business Solutions
Founded in 1997, Wright Business Solutions (WBS) develops comprehensive Warehouse Management (WMS) and Third-Party Billing Systems (TPBS) leveraging the latest technologies to help streamline, automate and monetize warehouse operations. Their software applications are modular and scalable, providing size-appropriate solutions for small and large distribution environments.

For more information on Wright Business Systems visit www.wbsus.com

About Global Turnkey Systems
Global Turnkey Systems, Inc. (GTS), a Klopotek company, was established in 1969 and has grown to become a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and systems for the publishing industry, specifically for publishers of subscriptions, books, and e-information products. Some of Global's multi-national customers are Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Springer, and Scholastic, Inc. The GTS team is comprised of publishing professionals who understand the needs of publishers and information providers. GTS works exclusively with the publishing community, allowing it to devote 100% of research and development to the changing requirements in the industry.

GTS offers leading edge publishing-specific products to the publishing marketplace. UNISON has integrated modules including: order processing, subscription fulfillment, invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, sales analysis, royalties, mail list management, contact management, special promotions, EDI, warehouse management, job costing, accounts payable, purchasing and general ledger.  Integrated with UNISON are modules from the Klopotek product line including editorial, production management, contracts, rights and royalties.

For more information, please contact Eric Reiss at E.Reiss@klopotek.com or call 800-524-2132 x2.

Additional information is available at www.gtsystems.com

About Klopotek
Klopotek is the leading supplier of international standard software and consulting services for publishers. Hundreds of publishers of every type from trade and specialist literature, school book and education publishers to scientific publishing houses, use Klopotek software to manage their publishing businesses. Klopotek’s customers deliver all types and formats of publications from the classical book to loose leaf editions, periodicals, magazines and advertisements to electronic products such as CD-ROMS, DVDs, videos and online content. Currently, Klopotek software supports more publishers with more users, in more locations developing and distributing more products around the world than any other software company.

Additional information is available at www.klopotek.com