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BookStream powers its operations with iPUB from Global Turnkey Systems    

November 2005

BookStream, a new general trade book wholesaler in Poughkeepsie, NY has selected the iPUB Publishing Business System Software from Global Turnkey Systems (GTS) to power its wholesale operation.  BookStream plans to open its doors in the late fall of 2005.  It will open as a supplier to independent booksellers in the northeast with a base of 40,000 or so titles. 

Price, Performance, Platform, Power and Vendor:  these were the key factors in BookStream’s decision. BookStream needed the best product at the lowest price.  And it needed a software partner who could produce a turnkey system with all the right features quickly.  Global Turnkey and the iPUB team were the perfect match for this startup company. 

Jack Herr, co-founder of BookStream and a senior veteran of Random House, said that he needed a systems partner that combined a great product and a great management team.  BookStream’s software vendor had to demonstrate that they understood the business differences between wholesaling and publishing and that they knew how to accommodate these differences in the software they would implement for the company. At the recent BEA in NYC, BookStream representatives met with all of the publishing business software providers and concluded that iPUB was for them. After meeting with the other vendors, Jack Herr and his partner, Rich Stone, determined that the Global team understood their needs more readily than any other vendor and had a great software package in iPUB, and because BookStream plans to develop some warehouse systems of its own in the next few years, technology and platform were as important in the decision as functional power.   The company picked iPUB because it is based on today’s technology, it is functionally rich, and it is highly flexible.  The system will meet the needs of the company both technically and functionally during all phases of the growth and development of BookStream’s business.  Jack Herr and Rich Stone came away confident that GTS was the right systems partner for their new company.  

Herr said, “The price was right in line with other products I considered, but with iPUB being far more capable than the other solutions, it offered us more value.  iPUB, with its easy to navigate system, great reporting and analysis tools, powerful forecasting module, new innovative inventory management tools, real flexibility, and technical compatibility with the system we are building is a system that will support our rapidly growing business for years to come.  As we began to train on iPUB, we were blown away by the brilliance of the system.  It is one of the easiest systems to configure and use.  Simply stated, the iPUB system and management team were the best out there.  This point is affirmed each day as we approach our implementation date.  Perhaps most importantly, the iPUB team has proven that it can quickly grasp what needs to be added to the system and just as quickly make it happen.  As a result, we are confident that BookStream will begin operations with the preeminent system in the business.”  

The iPUB system utilizes state of the art technology in an open systems environment to provide publishers an outstanding tool for managing a publishing enterprise in a highly competitive environment.  

Global Turnkey Systems, Inc. (GTS) was established in 1969 and has grown to become a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and systems for the publishing industry, specifically for publishers of subscriptions, books, and e-information products. Some of Global's multi-national customers are Reed-Elsevier, Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Springer-Verlag, and Scholastic, Inc. The GTS team is comprised of not only systems experts, but publishing experts as well. Many GTS employees come from the publishing industry and truly understand the needs of their customers. GTS works exclusively with the publishing community, allowing it to devote 100% of research and development to the changing requirements in the industry.  

GTS provides two leading edge publishing specific products to the publishing marketplace. At the high to mid-range market, GTS offers UNISON. At the lower end of the market, GTS offers iPUB. Both products are state-of-the-art solutions and allow GTS to recommend the right solution for a particular publisher's unique needs.  Both offerings have integrated modules including: order processing, invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, sales analysis, royalties, mail list management, contact management, special promotions, EDI, job costing, accounts payable, purchasing, and general ledger.  UNISON also offers subscription fulfillment and circulation management. 

Additionally, GTS's Professional Services team assists throughout the implementation, offering superior project planning, business requirements analysis, conversion assistance, testing, training, and technical support.  For more information, please contact sales at Sales@GTSystems.com or call 800-524-2132 x604. Global can be found on the web at www.GTSystems.com.