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GTS Delivers SOX Compliance within UNISON Publishing Business System Software

January 2006

Global Turnkey Systems (GTS) announces Sarbanes-Oxley compliance support with UNISON version 6.3, the Publishing Business Software designed for publishers and information providers.

The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act is legislative reform relating to accuracy and reliability of public company financial statements. A key aspect of the Act is ensuring that internal controls are in place to govern the creation and documentation of information in financial statements.  Since IT systems are used to generate, change, house, and transport that data, corporations have to build the controls that ensure the information stands up to audit scrutiny.  

Since there is information on financials statements that originates from the UNISON system, GTS has taken steps to ensure adequate controls and audits are in place. Some of these features are:

·        Systems Security

Control over User Privileges at the application level:

  • Secure access to sensitive payment and pricing applications

  • Configure any application privileges to include or exclude Read-only, Add, Change, and Delete

Role-based and Individual user permissions control

Login and strong password support integrated with OS pass-through authentication

 ·        Configuration Management

Standard architectures conform to corporate infrastructure configuration controls:

  • Windows

  • Unix/Linux

Database authentication embedded and inaccessible to users from within UNISON

 ·        Operations

Continuous data entry validations catch common transaction errors by ensuring the transaction falls within the parameters set up in master tables

  • Customer credit limits

  • Duplicate customer checks

  • Product-level minimum and maximum pricing controls

Audit-Ready reporting for detail event tracking

  • Manual override – price, discount and more

  • Payment application

  • Refunds

  • Free products

SOX-ready data structure allows flexibility for future compliance requirements

  • Most tables are monitored for changes to allow logging of change date and user

  • Configurable audit fields – any field in any table that is not pre-configured for audit can be tagged for audit and logging.

Standard Databases allow point-in-time recovery to ensure that no data is lost

 ·        Data Management

Configurable retention periods for transactional data archives

Encryption of sensitive data:

  • Passwords

  • Credit cards

  • Government Issue IDs (Social Security, etc.)

Al Alteslane, GTS’s President, said, “We are very pleased to deliver to our customers the ability to more easily comply with the complex and challenging requirements of SOX. The UNISON software will help them become more fully SOX compliant while, at the same time, improving their business operations.”


Global Turnkey Systems, Inc. (GTS) was established in 1969 and has grown to become a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and systems for the publishing industry, specifically for publishers of subscriptions, books, and e-information products. Some of Global's multi-national customers are Reed-Elsevier, Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Springer-Verlag, and Scholastic, Inc. The GTS team is comprised of not only systems experts, but publishing experts as well. Many GTS employees come from the publishing industry and truly understand the needs of their customers. GTS works exclusively with the publishing community, allowing it to devote 100% of research and development to the changing requirements in the industry.  

GTS provides two leading edge publishing specific products to the publishing marketplace. At the high to mid-range market, GTS offers UNISON. For smaller publishers with less complex needs, GTS offers iPUB. Both products are state-of-the-art solutions and allow GTS to recommend the right solution for a particular publisher's unique needs.  Both offerings have integrated modules including: order processing, invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, sales analysis, royalties, mail list management, contact management, special promotions, EDI, job costing, accounts payable, purchasing, and general ledger.  UNISON also offers subscription fulfillment and circulation management. 

Additionally, GTS's Professional Services team assists throughout the implementation, offering superior project planning, business requirements analysis, conversion assistance, testing, training, and technical support.  For more information, please contact sales at Sales@GTSystems.com or call 800-524-2132 x604. Global can be found on the web at www.GTSystems.com