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About Us
Committed to the Publishing Industry
Global Turnkey Systems has been a leading supplier of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to the publishing industry for over 20 years. The Global System, UNISON, is a technologically advanced system designed specifically for publishers of subscriptions, books and related products. The UNISON System is continually updated and Global makes significant investments in ongoing research and development of the UNISON System. It is our mission to provide technologically advanced and functionally rich products and first-rate services to the publishing industry.

Designed by Publishers…for Publishers
With our over 20 years of experience, and with input from numerous clients, the UNISON System has matured into a feature-rich ERP solution for publishers and information providers. The UNISON System is continually enhanced and updated. UNISON's open architecture is designed to allow expansion and scalability as technology and business needs change. It has the flexibility to support multiple hardware platforms, multiple database systems and numerous third-party add-ons. Built specifically for the publishing and information provider industries, the integrated UNISON System modules are: 

- Order Processing 
- Subscription Management
- Inventory Processing
- Customer Processing
- College Text Marketing
- Mail List Management
- Inside Sales
- Job Costing
- Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payable
- General Ledger
- Purchasing
- eCommerce
- Royalty Processing

Superior Services and Support
The Global Professional Services Organization is comprised of experienced professionals who boast an impressive variety of publishing industry backgrounds. The Global team is unequaled in the industry, with most of our staff coming from the publishing industry we serve and covering many disciplines, CFOs, CIOs, Project Managers, Circulation Managers. Our Professional Services organization has a proven methodology for the management of your project and for the implementation of the UNISON System. This proven methodology consistently delivers high-quality products on-time and within budget. The Professional Services Organization is built around a philosophy that emphasizes people, products and partners that all work together with the key focus being on client satisfaction. 

We are not just system experts, we are publishing industry experts.
Your choice of a software/services vendor will have a dramatic effect on your company’s ability to successfully compete, grow and prosper through the next decade. The way you do business today will be dramatically different from the way you do business five years from now. The software package that you choose will become the central nervous system of your business enterprise. It will have to change and adapt to evolving environments just as your company will. No one understands this more than the people who work hard each day to bring you the most comprehensive and timely solutions for your publishing and information provider companies.

Kindly contact a Global Turnkey Systems representative for more information on our products and services by e-mailing us at G.Logan@klopotek.com.

Global Turnkey Systems
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